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Meetings & Conferences

Strategy and logistical planning are critical to meetings and conferences of any size. TRUE will assist you with all of your strategic and logistical planning requirements to ensure flawless program execution. We work collaboratively with individuals, company event planners or committees to ensure all key objectives are met and that all attendees give your event the applause it deserves. TRUE partnership!


TRUE will understand your vision for the conference and find ways to deliver the message, big and small.

Meeting & Conferences: Vision


Learning is a cornerstone and TRUE will work with your team to ensure the content is delivered in an environment conducive to learning.

Meetings & Conferences: Education


TRUE will help get them revved up and then you will set them loose.

Meetings & Conferences: Motivations

Small Yet Mighty

Concurrent sessions or private board meetings, TRUE will ensure that this important component is looked after.

Meetings & Conferences: Small Yet Mighty

Team Building

It’s TRUE, people work better together when they bond over fun!

Meeting & Conferences: Team Building


Whether structured or not, we believe this to be one of the most critical aspects of any conference. TRUE fact!

Meetings & Conferences: Networking


TRUE believes people do their best work when they are happy.

Meetings & Conferences: Celebrations