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Photo booths unplugged

Soon, the days will be gone when your guests will need to line up at stationary photo booth to take a picture of themselves at the most recent event you’ve created for them.  With new technology a couple of options are now ready to be incorporated into your next event.

Instaprint is a location based photo booth for Instagram.  As your guests are enjoying your event they simply snap a photo using their own smartphones and by using a custom hashtag or event location the photo will pop out of the Instaprint box.

guppyPOD™ gives you the best of both worlds.  You get the benefit of having a stationary location as well as a platform to print crowdsourced photos taking by your guests on their own smartphones.

You can add custom branding or messaging to photos and both solutions allow you to create an on-line photo gallery either in real time or after the event is over.

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