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Who are we and what do we do?

TRUE Event Management is the simple answer to what you need. We can assist you a bit, if that is all you need to stay on track. Alternatively, we can do all of the heavy lifting and knock your socks off.

With over twenty years of experience in the meetings & events industry, we understand that there are all kinds of events and many steps of execution for each of these events. You may have some experience and no time, or you may simply need help with the entire thing because you have other areas to focus your energy. That doesn’t change the TRUE fact that your events must be seamless, must be successful, must be on budget and must be impressive.

  • TRUE Site Selection will do all of the hotel facility research, gather proposals and make a professional recommendation based on the benefits for you. We will help you select the best hotel for your meeting or conference, negotiate with the hotel as well as finalize the agreement minimizing the risk to your organization. TRUE will eliminate the hassle of finding the right hotel at no cost to you.
  • TRUE Meetings & Conferences will handle the site selection step, as well as take on all aspects of the planning and execution of your conference. An amazing conference made easy for you.
  • TRUE Event Production will produce your spectacular event from concept development stage, venue and supplier contract negotiations, strategic and creative planning to event execution.

TRUE understands that customers need to be listened to and collaborated with.  TRUE listens to your objectives and needs, then develops a plan that works for you… all the while elevating the creativity and WOW factor.

TRUE believes in the same things you do:  TRUE Integrity;  TRUE Partnership;  TRUE Innovation.

Sound too good to be TRUE?  We can assure you it is not.

It’s simply…

TRUE: Business Code of Conduct & Practice

Client Confidentiality and Privacy are key fundamentals of our company and to our clients.  We do not post any client names or information on our website due to this policy.   We would be happy to provide you client references on request.